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Our Gift Card Holders Guide

Elevate Your Gift Card Game: The Power of Gift Card Holders for Your Business In the world of gifting and retail, gift cards have become a popular choice for both customers and businesses. They offer convenience, flexibility and a chance for recipients to choose their desired products or services. While the gift cards themselves hold …

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How Do Keycard Holders and Hotel Card Holders Compare?

Every day, hotel staff members interact with fresh visitors from different countries. They speak numerous languages and represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Each day becomes an exciting new adventure thanks to this unusual and intriguing encounter. However, there may be difficulties given the job’s variety. Since every day is unique, hotels must offer …

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Custom Gift Card Holder

We’ve talked a lot about our keycard holders and how they are useful as hotel card holders. You can use them as mini menus with high visibility, to promote your brand or advertise your services. But a keycard holder also makes a fantastic custom gift card holder… Read on to find out more. Custom gift card …

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Spa Keycard Holders

When attending a spa you want to treat yourself, relax and have a lovely time. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about losing your keycard; that’s why keycard holders are so useful! But they can be used for much more than just holding a key… Take a look at our ideas …

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Key Card Holder Menus

Have you ever considered making the most of the otherwise-blank space by incorporating a menu onto your keycard holder? We realise it’s a small space, but it’s also one that, by its very nature, will draw the eye and get a lot of attention! Customers will have to look at their key card holder every …

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Card Holder Ideas

So you’ve decided to go for some keycard holders for your business – great idea! Key card holders are handy for small scale advertising to a guaranteed and captive audience. After all, customers will have to look at their custom printed holder in order to access their key! Monopolise this otherwise blank space and ensure …

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