Key Card Holder Menus

Have you ever considered making the most of the otherwise-blank space by incorporating a menu onto your keycard holder? We realise it’s a small space, but it’s also one that, by its very nature, will draw the eye and get a lot of attention! Customers will have to look at their key card holder every time they want to get into their hotel room so…why not take advantage of that and advertise? Consider incorporating these key card holder menus to your design…

key card holder menu lotus blue


Restaurant and bar

Why not add a couple of best sellers to the reverse of your keycard? There may not be enough space for an entire menu, but you can add a couple of new dishes or popular cocktails. Include anything that will bring customers down to your restaurant or bar and spend a little money. With that in mind, make sure to advertise throughout your hotel / hostel with posters, flyers etc so your guests know what services you are providing.


Does your hotel offer a variety of different guest services? Make sure you let your guests know! And what better way to advertise than on something they see every day? Use the blank space to promote your in-hotel dry cleaning, taxi service, iron hire or other services you want to shout about!


Much like the services on offer, why not use the key card space to promote your facilities in hotel? Let guests know about your pool, spa, gym, car park or other useful amenities on site.


Does your hotel have an onsite spa? Or perhaps you run a spa which offers key cards for lockers? Either way, using the blank space on your keycard to advertise and promote your treatments can be a potential gold mine! Include a mini menu of your services and treatments and watch the bookings pour in!

Whichever of the key card holder menus you choose to go for, make sure you take a look at our artwork guide for a flawless, print-ready creation. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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