Key Card Holders for Hotels

Presentation is everything in the hospitality industry. For your hotel’s patrons, their experience of your brand starts before they even step inside their rooms.

Ensure your hotel makes a great first impression! 

These custom card holder sleeves offer an elegant way to present guests with their hotel room key cards; as well as a layer of protection to prevent cards getting lost or damaged.

Hospitality chains & boutique hotels around the world use branded key card holders as a cost-effective tool in their brand positioning arsenal. They also offer a small take-home souvenir for your guests; helping you drive repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth

And our custom key card holder printing service doesn’t stop at just logos and brand colours. You’re free to fully customise your design with your location’s floor plan map, dining hours, room service menu, contact details and other useful info; handy for enhancing your guests’ hotel experience.

luxury hotel keycard holders

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