Card Holder Ideas

So you’ve decided to go for some keycard holders for your business – great idea! Key card holders are handy for small scale advertising to a guaranteed and captive audience. After all, customers will have to look at their custom printed holder in order to access their key! Monopolise this otherwise blank space and ensure that your key card holders are packing an advertising punch! Read on for our best card holder ideas to make the most of your design.


Card holder ideas

If you’re after some card holder ideas, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve listed a few gems for some of the more popular business uses – but don’t forget, card holders can be used in virtually any business as a memento, freebie or giveaway.

  1. Spa card holder ideas

It’s always a good idea to provide your customers with a card holder during their time at your spa. Not only is this touch hugely appreciated, as it means ease of keeping your room or spa key safe, it gives you a great opportunity for a bit of free advertising.

Consider printing your spa treatment services on the back of the key card holder, so that your visitors have a to-hand menu of everything that’s available at all time. You could use this list to offer ‘ad-ons’ to their existing treatments – perfect for low-effort upselling.

For example, you could add your logo and some attractive font stating: ‘Getting a massage? Did you know you can add on a mini-pedi for just £10?’. Similarly, use the space to let guests know about lesser-known facilities on offer – a bar, restaurant or gym perhaps.

  1.  Hotel card holder ideas

Similarly to our spa card holder ideas, the best tip for a hotel is to use the otherwise blank space to showcase some of the other facilities you have to offer. Promote your hotel bar, restaurant or spa!

You can also use this space to communicate important information to your customers – perhaps letting them know how best to be eco-friendly, how often to change their towels or bedding or why you’ve chosen energy-efficient lightbulbs.

Alternatively, why not include your room service menu on the back of your keycard? Every time your guest gets out their key, they will be reminded of the tasty treats they can have delivered straight to their room. Sit back and watch your profits rise!

  1. Gift card holder ideas

Why not liven up your gift card holders with some fun and unusual designs?

Rather than just choosing your logo and a standard phrase (like ‘just for you’), make your gift cards really original with some deluxe design ideas. Include coloured or holographic foiling or some luxury soft-touch lamination to convey the luxury and professionalism of your brand and product.

  1. Bill presentation ideas

Why not go all out and make your bills a bit more fun? Include a wordsearch, maze or other game for the kids at the table for a bit more of the affability factor. Alternatively, why not transform a lowlily bill presentation wallet into something momentous that the customer will want to keep.

Include a ‘secret recipe’ or tip from your restaurant or bar – if your customers keep your wallet at home, they’re more likely to see it and think of your establishment for a meal out! Repeat customers become loyal customers and loyal customers have spending power!

Consider including a scratch-off competition on your bill; opt for an overprinted latex layer that can be scratched off at the end of the meal, to reveal a prize! With variable printing we can create any run of winners/losers that you like! Think about prizes like 10% off your next bill, a free dessert or 241 drinks!

  1. Voucher ideas

If you’re using your card holder as a voucher holder or presentation folder, make sure you make it count! Why not have your voucher holder custom die cut – with our die cutters we can make almost any shape imaginable, so get creative.

Why not die cut your voucher holder into the shape of the product you offer or your logo? Not only will this add a fun, creative touch for the receiver, it will also help to promote and reinforce your branding.

We hope you found our key card holder ideas useful – if you’d like to discuss a particular project or product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!

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