Keyholders – which paper stock is best for me?

The personalised card holder is an invaluable marketing tool for your hotel, restaurant or business. It can keep a key card safe and sound, act as a receipt holder or gift card holder or be used as a personalised credit card holder – all while offering a useful space for you to communicate with your customers. Whether it be future discount codes, a QR code to your website or just an opportunity to reinforce your branding, keyholders are a must-have. But what material is the best choice for your keyholders? We take a look at the pros and cons of the various options on offer.


Keycard holders in Standard- Silk 350 gsm

The standard material for keycard or gift card holders, silk lamination offers a clean finish with a slight shine. It also offers a softer touch for an element of luxury; great for a hotel key card holder. As with all our materials, you can create and upload your own design, that will be printed in full colour. Or you can take advantage of our inhouse team to create bespoke designs for your personalised card holders.

Keycard holder in Upgraded-  Silk 400gsm

Silk 400gsm is slightly thicker and sturdier than the standard. Ideal for a branded card holder or card sleeve, the slightly denser card offers more strength, extra protection and a nicer feel. This is ideal for a hotel key card holder – as it has the same look and feel as business cards, giving a professional, trustworthy appearance.

Key card holder in Uncoated

Uncoated paper stock is as it sounds: uncoated. This means there is no lamination on top. The disadvantage of this style of paper stock is that uncoated paper tends to not be as durable, as it doesn’t have the extra tensile strength afforded by the lamination. However, uncoated paper stocks are easily recycled, so if your hotel, restaurant or other business is eco-friendly, this might be a good choice for you.

Key card holders in Recycled Uncoated

As with uncoated paper, there is no lamination on this stock, making it a little less durable and shiny. However, this paper has already been recycled, and can be recycled again, making it an excellent choice for any company committed to demonstrating its green ethos to its customers.

Custom card holder in Kraft

Kraft paper is recycled and recyclable, so will also help you demonstrate your commitment to the environment. The difference with kraft paper is that it doesn’t go through a lengthy bleaching process like other stocks, so it has more of a sepia tone than traditional paper stocks. This is ideal for rustic custom card sleeves-  perhaps a country B & B or a vintage-style restaurant. Add a little touch of the authentic, and do your bit for the planet at the same time!

Should you need any help, or you’d like to order samples, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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