Make your gift card holders feel more like gifts

Everyone enjoys getting a gift card – but compared with regular presents, they don’t always get the love they deserve.

Opening a gift card lacks the same anticipation as opening up a boxed or wrapped gift, but there are a few subtle design tweaks you can add to make your gift card holders feel a little extra special. Here’s our 4 top tips:

Choose a multi-flap style

Tearing through layers of wrapping and opening out the flaps of a gift box is always a satisfying experience; so why not simulate it with your gift card holders?

Select a style with two or more flaps, so that the gift card inside is buried under multiple layers. The more flaps, the better!

Add lamination and foil stamping

What about the luxurious, shiny quality of wrapping paper? You can emulate that too; just add lamination and foil stamping to your gift card holders!. offers a variety of lamination options, so you can select just how glossy you want your card holders to look. A layer of reflective foil can also be applied on top of your design to draw attention to certain elements (such as letters, shape patterns and more).

Go for 400gsm

A heavier cardstock weight can work wonders for enhancing the lavish feel of your card holders – making the gift card inside feel even more special for the lucky recipient.

Each card holder at is printed on 350gsm card as standard, but upgrading to 400gsm will give your card holders the same kind of stiffness, weight and luxury quality of a high-end business card.

Don’t forget to sign it

Gift cards often feel more impersonal than typical presents, so make sure your design includes a space to leave a personal message to the recipient..

Planning on rewarding your business customers with gift cards? No need to sign each one individually – can print unique names and messages onto each card holder via variable data printing.

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