3 unexpected benefits of keycard holders

For keycard holders, the clue’s in the name – they provide storage for hotel room keycards and the like.

But that’s not all they can do. Here’s 3 unexpected benefits of keycard holders…

It stops keycards getting lost

For hotel guests, losing a room keycard is a frustrating and all-too-common inconvenience. For hotel owners, it’s a potential security nightmare.

If a lost keycard ends up in the wrong hands and the card’s disappearance goes unreported by guests, it can quickly be cloned and used to gain access to their rooms; allowing thieves to get away with their possessions.

Keycard holders not only provide a safekeeping spot for cards, but can also be printed with security advice to encourage guests to keep their room card on their person at all times.

It can help guests find their way

It’s not just keycards that get lost – sometimes it’s the guests too!

Larger hotel complexes can become mazes for first-time visitors; and at a time when your guests are already likely exhausted from travelling and eager to settle into their new room, the last thing they want is a treasure hunt.

Providing a floor plan map on the back of your keycard holders can help guests find their way. You could also print an aerial map of the local area on your card holders with your hotel’s location clearly marked on it; so holidaymakers can find their way back to their accommodation after a night of exploring the town.

It’s something to remember you buy

If you want to encourage word-of-mouth and repeat business once your guests are back at home, make sure you provide materials with their stay that they can bring home as souvenirs.

A keycard holder is ideal for this; guests can just pop them in their pockets during the journey back, and they’re surprisingly likely to keep them around in their homes after their trip (often leaving them in old drawers, on windowsills etc).

Every time they stumble upon their old keycard holder, they’ll be reminded of their stay and feel inspired to return…

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