4 Room Essentials For Hotels

If you’re taking your first steps into the hospitality industry, setting up your guest rooms can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. To help you get started, here are four essential items to include in every room.

For this guide, we’re going to skip over the bare necessities of any accomodation setup – bed, wardrobe, shower – and go straight to the some of the less obvious essentials that every guest will expect to have as part of their stay.


1. Keycard holders

The presentation of your room should start before your guests even open the door. If your hotel uses a keycard access system, present guests with their hotel room key card inside a keycard holder printed with your branding.

Card holders can also be used to display important hotel information, such as floor plans and contact numbers… and as your guest will need to access their hotel room card key, it means they’ll dobutless be looking at the holder often, giving you a captive audience. (If your rooms use traditional metal keys, a printed keychain fob can fulfil the same purposes.)

Don’t forget; hotels and other large accomodation facilities will need numbers on every room door, as well as signage to help guests navigate their way to their room.

2. Do Not Disturb signs

Your guests will have likely spent several hours travelling to their destination. As soon as they get into their room, the first thing they’ll want to do is relax without interruptions.

Be sure to include a Do Not Disturb hanger sign in each room, and be sure to place it within easy reach – perhaps on a room desk or bedside table. Your guests shouldn’t have to hunt down the sign just to enjoy a bit of privacy!

3. Tea and coffee facilities

Curling up with a warm drink can provide a welcome comforting feeling for a home away from home. Make sure your guests have their own kettle with enough tea bags, coffee packets, milk and sugar portions, spoons and mugs to go around.

If your rooms feature a fridge or minibar, you might consider stocking them with a real milk bottle instead of UHT pots – and offering nut or soy milk is a great way to make vegan guests feel at home. Remember to include a bin in the room, so any waste can be easily thrown away – nobody wants a tea tray strewn with used teabags and empty sachets.

4. Wifi internet

Just like television before it, wifi internet has moved from a luxury feature to an expected essential of any hotel stay.

You’ll need to do a bit of planning to ensure your wifi offering is fit for purpose (including capacity, speed and security considerations and performance monitoring) but once it’s all set up, be sure to provide your guests with all the details they need to connect. (You could provide your wifi code on your keycard holders, or on other printed materials placed inside each room.)

Stay tuned to the Keycard Holders blog for more helpful tips, advice and hospitality industry news – and to request a quote for your own custom-printed keycard holders, call our team on 02380 878030 today!

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