How to make your key card holder extra special!

A personalised card holder can make a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you’re using these handy card sleeves to hold a key card, as a receipt holder or as a gift card holder, use this opportunity to communicate with your customers. Here’s 5 ways you can really make an impact with your keycard holders.

Lamination for your custom card sleeves

Ideal for a hotel key card holder, adding lamination to your custom product will add a sense of luxury and give your customers a lasting sense of your brand. Gloss will make your keycard holders shiny and bright, matt will offer a subdued elegant look, and soft-touch will provide a decadent feel to give your customers a sense of opulence.

Foiling on your custom card holder

A great idea for a personalised credit card holder or receipt holder, foiling adds some elegance and luxury to your product, allowing your customer to recognise the sense of occasion. Ideal for receipt or bill holders, foiling will communicate the ‘special event’ feel at a restaurant or hotel. And with a wide range of colours (including blue, red, gold, pink, green, silver and violet) you’ll be able to match your foiling to your logo – bringing your branding together in a seamless, organic and classy way.

Spot UV – ideal for your gift card holders

With Spot UV you can add elements of sleek, reflective material to your keycard holder. Not only will this add some gravitas to your product, it will also allow you to highlight key design elements, like your logo. This will render them all the more memorable and will stick in the minds of your customers – great for achieving repeat customers and brand loyalty.

Use your branded card holder as a scratch card

Ever considered using your personalised key card holder as a scratch card? Latex panels (in black, silver or gold) can be added to your keycard holders, providing a fun, interactive scratch-off game for your customers. Perfect for hotels, restaurants or conventions, this unusual way of appropriating a scratch card will ensure your customers remember your brand. With variable data printing you can have different messages under all your cards – perhaps offer various percentage discounts on their next stay or meal?

Make your key card holders eco-friendly

If your business is committed to reducing your environmental impact, use your keycard holders to demonstrate this fact. Use kraft paper (both recycled and recyclable) which offers a slightly browner hue than other paper stocks, offering a rustic feel and demonstrating the eco-friendliness of the material. Use your kraft keycards to communicate your ‘green’ ethos, suggesting customers reuse their towels, turn the lights off, or shower instead of bathe to save water.

Should you have any questions about keycard design, orders or card sleeves UK and overseas deliveries, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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